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Progress Monitoring with Drones
in Construction

Construction with 360 Virtual Drone Services

Construction with 360 Virtual Drone Services

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Why Construction Companies Are Using Drones 

If you spot a drone hovering above a construction site and wonder what it’s doing, it could be performing a number of different jobs. Beyond its ability to fly and move quickly about the site, a drone can complete a plethora of tasks. That’s because drones do more than just fly—they capture photos and video, provide valuable data to construction companies.  Drones for construction often come equipped with a high-resolution visual camera, thermal sensor, LIDAR, zoom camera, or other custom payloads. With that in mind, you should be able to imagine several tasks that drones can help with on a construction sites.  Including pre-construction inspections, job site progress monitoring and aerial video & photos for investors and stockholders and venture capitalist to name a few. 

The appeal of using drones in construction lies in the benefits the technology has to offer. No matter what task drones perform on construction sites, they’ve been shown to excel in the following ways: 

  • Observation of the construction work and its level of completion

  • Keep track of potential work hindrances or stoppage

  • Visual and documented assessment of the quality of workmanship

  • Inventory Management & Control

  • Improve tracking of job stages and scheduling

  • Visual Inspection (to improve Safety protocols)

  • Faster visual access to the project status to all parties involved

  • Identification of construction changes and potential or pending changes

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